Immersive Media Data Compression and Quality Evaluation

Progress in technology has led to the development of new forms of media technologies and services in the areas of virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR). New imaging modalities, such as texture-plus-depth, light field, point cloud, and holographic imaging are the digital signals at the core of these media technologies. Many challenges remain in developing useful and practical data representation formats, data compression tools, communication protocols, subjective and objective quality of experience measurement metrics and methods. This project aims at exploring cuurent and novel data compression and quality evalution tools for the development of immersive media applications (more...).

Smart Ocean Sensing

Ocean exploitation and utilization are closely related to human’s survival and development, from long-term impact on global climate change and large-scale phenomena such as hurricanes, to sustainable development of ocean resources and ecosystems, and to sensitive issues in defense and security. Marine sensing requires not only the ability to sense data timely and accurately from multiple dimensions of space, sea surface and deep sea, but also the intelligence to integrate the data from different sensor systems, predict future environmental conditions, and support decision making